VIDEO: Volkswagen's Advanced Technologies team

Feb 14, 2020

  • The Advanced Technologies team makes strides in quantum computing, artificial technology, and virtual reality

Herndon, VA — As San Francisco’s largest developer conference kicks off this week, elsewhere in the city, Volkswagen’s Florian Neukart, Director of the Volkswagen Group Advanced Technologies team, has an ambitious mission: to discover the technologies and trends that will shape the future. Neukart is a computer scientist as well as an expert on artificial intelligence and quantum computers.

The technologies developed at the office can give an automotive group like Volkswagen a decisive edge for the future. Quantum computers are a good example of such technology. In battery research, Volkswagen uses quantum computers to simulate chemical processes at the molecular level. This could pave the way to even more powerful batteries – a crucial building block for the next generation of electric cars.

Another promising technology is artificial intelligence, or more precisely machine learning. Volkswagen employees in San Francisco feed algorithms data until they can independently recognize patterns and perform complex tasks, advancing research in the field of autonomy

Some of the team’s work is already in concrete use at Volkswagen. Employees that work for the Virtual Engineering lab develop virtual reality (VR) applications for vehicle design. With VR glasses, designers can view digital prototypes in 3D and interact with them through the VR gloves. They can change shapes and components, try out different materials in the interior and experience the result in a virtual test drive. This can significantly help reduce development costs and was used in the development of the new Golf 8. Another concrete application of technology has been the implementation of new functions on the Audi USA website, such as the vehicle configurator. These new features are now to be implemented across the other Group brands.

Volkswagen Group’s Advanced Technologies Team is spread across several locations including San Francisco, Belmont, Auburn Hills and Herndon in the United States. Group-wide cooperation also take place worldwide, for example with the Volkswagen Data Lab in Munich. The team has about 110 employees.

To learn more about the team and their work, view the video below.


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